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Sitting Lady I

Sitting Lady I

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robot drawn edition

"sitting lady I" is part of the first limited "robot drawn edition" of November 2022.

I wanted to create three sensual female bodies that each stand on their own, but together form a beautiful and dynamic trio.

To stay true to the flow of my line, I decided to use a special method that perfectly fits my technique.
What could be better for this than a machine that traces exactly my original line?



Limited and signed

As it should be for a serious limited art edition, each of the 96 reproductions is numbered and signed by Martin Tardy


my motivation for limited editions

In addition to my original artwork, I want to make my art accessible to everyone without skimping on quality and ideology. 


the limited print comes without frame.

here my advice:


the framing is very important to get the maximum out of a work of art. I personally love "passpartouts" (the paper frame around the drawing). This gives depth and focus to the work and enhances the overall impression.

····· About

drawn in a single line by a robot on 200g/m high quality paper from Römturm


the paper is:
29,7x42cm (A3)
11.6 x 16.5inch

Care Instructions

Be aware that it is paper. When you take it out of the shipping box, handle it with care!

It will be rolled at first and will need to be smoothed out, but don't try to force it. Carefully try to use something flat, clean and dry - like a book or similar but keep the protective paper on the artwork to avoid fingerprints or other kinds of dirt. 

Put it in a frame:

- either the original dimensions: 29.7x42cm (DIN A3)


- with a passepartout in a larger frame
( Therefore ask for a passepartout with the inner dimension: 28,5x38,5cm (11,22x15,16inch) and the outer size that fits the frame you want)

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each piece is drawn by a robot

Since movement and dynamics are very important to me, I decided that my limited edition should be drawn, as this makes it very close to an original.