about me

Martin Tardy, born 1992, is an Austrian-French artist whose distinctive artistic style is characterized by figurative works that are drawn largely with the use of continuous lines.

His education in fashion & art has given the artist a solid foundation in working with various materials, such as metal, wood and ceramics as well as various kinds of fabrics, something which he continues to explore in his artistic practice today. His recognizable style took origin in a quick sketching technique which since has become his artistic expression in itself and expanded beyond the traditional surface. His works feature on materials such as glass, stone, bronze, aluminum, clay, PVC, mirrors and virtual/digital.

the three graces Martin Tardy Bronze sculpture
In his pieces, Tardy challenges the capabilities of a single line, in one continuous movement until a piece has been completed. One of his techniques, where he leaves the control to his hands and he more or less switches off thinking, is when he draws asynchronously, with both hands, to create one single piece consisting of two lines who frequently intersect and together form a unity, a fulfilled piece.

These lines, the artist states, stand for continuous development and the path of a human being’s life itself, with all its possible twists and turns and those reactions and results. Human anatomy has always been a source of fascination for the artist, as he aims to merge the physical body with its environment, playing with the viewer’s perception of depth and space along the way.
Crowd Piaristengasse Ausstellung Martin Tardy
between 2018 & 2020 there was an intense collaboration with the Galerie Hilger.

Since then, there was a mix between Galerie projects and self-organized ones.