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graphic edition 001

graphic edition 001

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This artwork was created at a time when I was focusing on hands again, because in recent years hands have become very rare in my art.

Years ago I drew so many hands, hands have so much expression, they can give so much emotion, not far from what a face can do!

For me editions have two roles, firstly to create an affordable artwork for you & for me to try out new techniques, new media etc.

This time I wanted to keep it small, so I made only 36 of the smaller version & only 12 of the larger.

All signed & numbered by hand, NO FRAME included.

composition process

····· About

Created entirely digitally, on multiple layers, to play with shapes and dimensions, with a clear focus on the hand.


the paper is:
SMALL - A4 (21x29,7cm) (8,27x11.67inch)
LARGE - A2 (42x58,4cm) (16,54x23,39inch)

Care Instructions

Be aware that it is paper. When you take it out of the shipping box, handle it with care!

It will be rolled at first and will need to be smoothed out, but don't try to force it. Carefully try to use something flat, clean and dry - like a book or similar but keep the protective paper on the artwork to avoid fingerprints or other kinds of dirt. 

Put it in a frame:

- either the original dimensions: 21x29.7cm (DIN A4) // 42x58,4cm (DIN A")


- with a passepartout in a larger frame
 and the outer size that fits the frame you want)

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